2014 Debut Author Challenge

I am excited to be a participant again this year in the Debut Authors Challenge!!
This challenge is great it gets new authors out there and it gets us the readers and reviewers to read books we wouldn’t normally read. 
So here on this page I am going to be listing the books and linking the review I write with two links one for my blog here and on for goodreads.

2013 Debut Author Challenge

2013dacI am excited to be a participant again this year in the Debut Authors Challenge!!
This challenge is great it gets new authors our there and it gets us the readers and review to read books we wouldn’t normally read 
So here on this page I am going to be listing the books and linking the review I write with two links one for my blog here and on for goodreads

Through the Ever Night By: Veronica Rossi

Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, #2)Through the Ever Night

By: Veronica Rossi

Format: Hardback

Published: 01/08/2013

Language: English

Category: Love & Romance, Teens, Science Fiction

I give this book a:

5 out 5 and I would recommend to most people.

I Loved this book it blew me away defiantly better than the first one.

Aria and Perry haven’t seen each other for a while. And Perry is now the blood lord of his tribe The Tides.  Aria isn’t treated very kindly by the tribe. So she sets off to complete the task that has been appointed to her. With the Aether storms getting worst Perry has to try to do everything he can to try to protect his tribe. To protect Perry Aria and Roar set out to complete Arias task leaving Perry behind. Will Aria and Perry’s love survive?

Well as much as I love Aria and Perry! I LOVE Aria and Roar. Oh man the dynamic of their relationship is amazing. Werther there joking around or singing together, or shoot almost drowning they are there for each other. I don’t know if Rossi will make this a love triangle or not in the third book. I’m kinda rooting for Roar and Aria. I have never really been able to connect with Perry as I have with Roar.

Aria: Oh man how strong that girl has gotten she is no longer the nieve girl she was in the first book she is so strong now and her Aud ability is really coming along I connected with her so much more in this book then I did in the last one! I’m really rooting for her in this series.

Perry: Perry has changed a bit in this book he’s turned into a bit of a sap. And In the first one I took him as a very level-headed character, in this one he’s done a lot of  jumping into a situation without thinking the consequence’s though we did see quite a bit of that with him going into the dweller pod and fighting with his brother. Just for some reason I though him more level-headed that I saw in  most of this novel.

Roar: Oh roar how I love you. My heart goes out to him! Liv leaving and going to marry someone else, she then runs off and that’s were we meet Roar in the first book in this one he’s still looking for Liv hoping upon hope that they can be together. A true romantic. and he is probably the best friend any girl can ask for he would do anything for Aria and she for him their friendship is amazing.

I really did love this book it was beautifully written this one just enhanced the world which was the main thing I loved in the first book. This one also kept me on my toes wanting to know if Aria will find the still blue.

I recommend this to anyone who read the first novel it is awesome and blow the first out of the water.

2012 End of Year Book Survay

best books read in 2012

1. Best Book You Read In 2012? (You can break it down by genre if you want)

The best book I read in 2012 was Cinder and the Divergent series I loved all of those books they were fantastic and am super excited for the 2nd book in Cinder and the 3rd book in Divergent to come out this year

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Across the Universe Series By: Beth Revis

Across the Universe (Across the Universe, #1)A Million Suns (Across the Universe, #2)Across the Universe Series Book 1 & 2 

By: Beth Revis

Format: Hardback

Published: 01/11/2011 & 01/10/2012

Language: English

Category: Love & Romance, Teens, Science Fiction

I give this book a:

4 out 5 and I would recommend to most people.

I really did like these books I loved the spaceship I loved the science behind it I even loved how the author didn’t rush into romance between the two main characters.

The author touches on some very sensitive subjects of Rape, Forced pregnancy, Depression, Mental Illness and Suicide plus a few others. Normally I don’t read books with these kind of topics but this one went over them very well and the main characters reaction to them.

Amy – I loved Amy almost from the first page the author did such a good job writing how scared Amy was her feelings about what was happening to her. Amy wasn’t whinny at all she was a FIGHTER and I love that in a main female character in YA books so often they make the teen girls so whiny and so poor me that you come to hate them. She was bound and determined to find out the truth and about everything. And as a teenage girl she did not instantly fall in love with Elder which was awesome I loved reading how it just snuck up on her.

Elder – Elder was very sweet but very clueless about a lot of what was going on around him. But for the most part he was very genuine he wanted what was best for his people and what was best for Amy. Even if he was a bit to young to take command of such a big ship. Now Elder is different than Amy. For him it was love at first sight as soon as he saw her in the cryo chamber he loved her. He’s very much a romantic

Harley – Oh I loved eccentric Harley. He was a very troubled but artistic soul. He just wanted to see the stars. I think Harley was my favorite character I just wanted to grab him and give him a huge hug!

Orion – OH man loved this character I don’t even want to say too much because I fear I will give to much of the story’s away. But just know he is a very well done character.

I recommend everyone read this series it was very well done the author was a very good in her descriptions and making me feel like I was there with them on that ship!
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Stargate or Battlestar Galactica or Firefly.

Vanished (Firelight #2) By: Sophie Jordan

Vanish (Firelight, #2)

Vanished (Firelight #2)
By: Sophie Jordan

Format: Hardback

Published: 09/06/2011

Language: English

Category: Love & Romance, Teens, Fantasy

ISBN-10: 0061935107

I give this book a:

3.5 out 5 and I don’t really think I would recommend this book to anyone.

Jacinda Jones is a now back with her pride. And she has been split from Will the boy she loves who may not even remember her any more. And now her twin sister Tamara is changing.

Now that she is back home it’s not all easy-going everyone his hostile and mean and only a hand full of people will speak to her one of them being Cassian her childhood friend and the heir to the pride. Jacinda has to forget Will so that she can prove herself to the pride and protect her family. But deep down she hops that will fulfil his promise and finds her.

I think I liked this book even less than I liked the first one the concept of the Darki are interesting but sometimes it was hard to tell whether they looked like humans with dragon skin or full on dragons the author was never consistent in that. I also like the different powers those sounded so cool and having the main character be a fire breather which is such a classic dragon trait was pretty cool as well. This book had a lot going for it but the author didn’t execute it very well the characters were juvenile and selfish EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER was selfish and only thought of themselves.

Jacinda: she was the worst of them all oh poor me everything is always happening to me waa waa waa.

Tamara: Everyone likes Jacinda more than me WAAAAA. Of course it has nothing to do with your winning personality right.

Jacinda and Tamara’s Mom: I have wanted to kick this women in her non-existent groin area since book one. She drags her daughters to a place that is severely making one of her daughters sick. And instead of being a Mom and being sympathetic to her daughters plight and mental well-being she’s like oh well your darki will die soon and I’ll be happy. Not her daughter will be happy SHE will be happy. And then in book to all she does is work drink work drink work drink not really being a Mom just being a lump that sits on the couch while her daughter takes care of her. She deserves to be banished for being a horrible mother.

Will: I like will okay he’s sweet and he truly cares for Jacinda but he doesn’t have much sense of family so he never understands why Jacinda keeps going back to her Mom and sister.

Cassian: I liked Cassian but I like the strong silent type myself he seemed to also truly care for Jacinda and Tamara (though he was a bit selfish himself). My heart ached for him in this book. And this is who I want Jacinda to end up with.

Honestly I probably scored this book higher than I should have because right now I have no will to read the third and final in the trilogy maybe I will someday but as of right now I’m done with these books.