Fracture By: Megan Miranda

By: Megan Miranda
Publisher: Walker children’s
Format: Hardback
Pages: 272
Published: 2012-01-17
Language: English
Category: Love & Romance, Literature & Fiction, Teens,
ISBN-10: 0802723098 ISBN-13: 9780802723093
Purchase: Amazon

I give this book a:

4.0 out of 5 and yes I will recommend this book to others.

I really like this book it was a blast to read there were some things about it that I didn’t like but for the most part I truly enjoyed this book.

This book is about a girl who falls through the ice and is underwater for 11 minutes, after 10 minutes underwater your usually dead and this girl survives after being under the water for 11 minutes. After she wakes from a 6 day coma some strange things start happening to her.


Delaney Maxwell: Delaney is a very different character the you usually see in these YA books. She’s extremely smart and driven and is on her way to becoming valedictorian of her class. And after her accident she is still very driven to try to be the best she can be in school. The part about Delaney that drives me nuts though is the way she strings along her best friend Decker she kinda wants him but doesn’t want to do anything about it but she also doesn’t want anyone else to have him its very frustrating what she puts him through. Also throughout the book she starts becoming very depressed he mom is acting weird and her dad is barely home. Shes having issues and all they keep wanting to do is give her more meds instead of getting her a therapist to help her deal with the fact that she had a life threatening traumatic experience.

Decker Phillips: I like Decker he truly cares for Delaney they have been best friends since they were 7 and he would do anything for her well he does to anything for her. After 11 minutes he jumps in to the ice-cold frozen lake and pulls her out of it and then starts CPR even though he is frozen and cold himself from being in the freezing lake. And while she’s in the coma he is there with her everyday all day he sleeps there and misses school to be there in case she wakes up.

Troy Varga: Troy is a very hard character for me to grasp. At first I like him he’s sweet he’s charming and he has a very sad life story. But as the story progresses he gets the creepy feel to him and there are things this character does that are just morally wrong. And Delaney like me starts feeling the same way about it.

Though I haven’t really touched base on it but when Delaney wakes up she starts to have weird experiences supernatural experience really (and no she doesn’t see ghosts or angels). I don’t want to go into it too much but it’s very interesting and not something I’ve seen before in a book.

This writer really likes to get into the heads of her characters and you really see that as your reading she knows her characters very well and you get to know her characters just as well shes great at describing things to you through the eyes of Delaney.

I also love the fact that even though the author is writing a sequel this book very much could have been a standalone book and I feel there was a defiant ending to this particular part of the story. And I will probably buy said sequel because I truly love the characters and this author is a good writer. But I don’t feel like I HAVE to read the sequel to finish the story.

I give this book a:

4.0 out of 5 and yes I will recommend this book to others.

Alright comment tell me what you think?


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