Vanished (Firelight #2) By: Sophie Jordan

Vanish (Firelight, #2)

Vanished (Firelight #2)
By: Sophie Jordan

Format: Hardback

Published: 09/06/2011

Language: English

Category: Love & Romance, Teens, Fantasy

ISBN-10: 0061935107

I give this book a:

3.5 out 5 and I don’t really think I would recommend this book to anyone.

Jacinda Jones is a now back with her pride. And she has been split from Will the boy she loves who may not even remember her any more. And now her twin sister Tamara is changing.

Now that she is back home it’s not all easy-going everyone his hostile and mean and only a hand full of people will speak to her one of them being Cassian her childhood friend and the heir to the pride. Jacinda has to forget Will so that she can prove herself to the pride and protect her family. But deep down she hops that will fulfil his promise and finds her.

I think I liked this book even less than I liked the first one the concept of the Darki are interesting but sometimes it was hard to tell whether they looked like humans with dragon skin or full on dragons the author was never consistent in that. I also like the different powers those sounded so cool and having the main character be a fire breather which is such a classic dragon trait was pretty cool as well. This book had a lot going for it but the author didn’t execute it very well the characters were juvenile and selfish EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER was selfish and only thought of themselves.

Jacinda: she was the worst of them all oh poor me everything is always happening to me waa waa waa.

Tamara: Everyone likes Jacinda more than me WAAAAA. Of course it has nothing to do with your winning personality right.

Jacinda and Tamara’s Mom: I have wanted to kick this women in her non-existent groin area since book one. She drags her daughters to a place that is severely making one of her daughters sick. And instead of being a Mom and being sympathetic to her daughters plight and mental well-being she’s like oh well your darki will die soon and I’ll be happy. Not her daughter will be happy SHE will be happy. And then in book to all she does is work drink work drink work drink not really being a Mom just being a lump that sits on the couch while her daughter takes care of her. She deserves to be banished for being a horrible mother.

Will: I like will okay he’s sweet and he truly cares for Jacinda but he doesn’t have much sense of family so he never understands why Jacinda keeps going back to her Mom and sister.

Cassian: I liked Cassian but I like the strong silent type myself he seemed to also truly care for Jacinda and Tamara (though he was a bit selfish himself). My heart ached for him in this book. And this is who I want Jacinda to end up with.

Honestly I probably scored this book higher than I should have because right now I have no will to read the third and final in the trilogy maybe I will someday but as of right now I’m done with these books.

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