About the blog:

This blog was opened in August of 2012 as an avid reader and wanted to tell others about the books I was reading so I opend this blog for book reviews and discussions.

I mostly will be posting YA book reviews on here though sometimes you may see smutty romance on here =)

About Crystal (The Fairy BookMother)

Hey everyone my name is Crystal and I’m 26 I live in the beautiful state of Washington were we have trees and rain YAY (can you hear my sarcasm). I live in a beautiful house with my Boyfriend of 3 years and we have 3 of the cutest dogs in the whole world. Yes you guessed it I’m a puppy mom =). I love to watch movies (especially sci fi and fantasy) And listen to music (I will confess I listen allot to Disney music =P) I also play quite a few video games there addicting I can’t help it. as well as I LOVE BOOKS! I read all the time and constantly pull all nighters reading books because I just can’t put them down. I also love to cook and bake I’m doing it on a regular basis.

The first book I remember?

Well the first book I remember reading on my own is If you give a mouse a cookie “If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him the milk, he’ll probably ask you for a straw…” ECT good times good times with that book. The first book I remember my Mom reading to me was Bambi it was her favorite Disney movie and i had a gold bound book of Bambi she used to read all the time to me.

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